Professional Summary

  DR KUKREJA A 1988 POSTGRADUATE FROM B J MEDICAL COLLEGE IS A CONSULTANT GI  LAPAROSCOPIC AND COLORECTAL SURGEON HE IS IN PRIVATE PRACTISE FOR LAST 20 YEARS IN MANINAGAR AREA OF AHMEDABAD HE HAS MADE A MARK IN NON INVASIVE MANAGEMENT OF HEMORRHOIDS AT THE INTERNATIONAL LEVEL IS PIONEER IN ASIA FOR DOPPLER GUIDED HEMORRHOIDAL ARTERY LIGATION , RECTOANAL REPAIR , INFRA RED COAGULATION AND RADIOFREQUENCY IN MANAGEMENT OF FISSURE , HEMORRHOIDS , FISTULA AND PILONIDA SINUS , RADIOFREQUENCY IN LAPAROSCOPY SURGERY AND ULTIMATELY FOR ANAL BANDS USED FOR TREATING ANAL INCONTINENCE HAS BEEN A FACULTY TO GOOD NUMBER OF NATIONAL AND INVITED FACULTY IN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES ALSO IS THE FIRST PARTICIPANT  APART FROM EUROPEAN UNION IN THE INTERNATIONAL STUDY ON “MANAGEMENT OF THIRD AND FOURTH DEGREE HEMORRHOIDS” BY RECTOANAL REPAIR BEING CONDUCTED BY UNIVERSITY OF VIENNA IS RUNNING A.M.I[AGENCY FOR MEDICAL INNOVATIONS,AUSTRIA] ENDORSED TRAINING CENTER FOR DGUHAL , RAR AND ANAL BANDS   THE   ULTIMATE   IN   HI-TECH   ADVANCED   SURGICAL  TRAINING               A.M.I [Agency For Medical Innovations , AUSTRIA] ENDORSED               TRAINING CENTER FOR   1.        HAL [Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation for IIIrd & IVth Degree Hemorrhoids] 2.         “Anal Band” Management Of Anal Incontinence by Artifical Anal Sphincter 3.         “Gastric Band “ Laparoscopic Management Of Obesity by Adjustible Gastric Bands 4.         “Laparoscopic & Open Management Of Inguinal & Ventral Incisional Hernia” By Condensed PTFE Mesh and fixation of same by Easy Tac BioAbsorbable Tacs 5.         “Management Of Female Urinary Incontinence “ By Postoperatively adjustable bands Clinical Trial Exposure : Previous participation in clinical trials: Indication of Trial Clinical Phase of Trial (I-IV) Role in Trial (e.g. Investigator, Sub-Investigator) Year in which trial was conducted Hemorrhoids   I Investigator 2005 Prevention Of VTE   III Investigator 2008   Ulcerative Collitis III Investigator 2008   Postoperative Analgesia IV Investigator 2008   Ulcerative Collitis II Investigator Ongoing   Ulcerative Collitis II Investigator Ongoing   Ulcerative Proctitis II Investigator Ongoing Training on ICH/GCP : 1] Basic GCP Workshop on 6th July 2009 At Ahmedabad 2] ICG-GCP training program on 07 Aug 2009 Organised By Indian Society of Clinical Research (ISCR) at Chennai 3] Advanced GCP Case Study based Workshop 11th December 2009 At Ahmedabad